Webinar Blended Stories, Blended Templates

If you never designed a blended course or you want to know ‘what good looks like’, this webinar provides the answers. On 20 February. I am invited as an expert by Inmisceo (partner in the UK for Training Providers).

Designing and creating an hour of online learning can take up a lot of work. Most classroom training providers don’t have the patience or the necessary skills to do this. In this webinar we show how to transform your existing classroom course into blended delivery. Using the right tools, appropriately re-use existing content and a good plan, trainers will save many hours of work and get it right the first time. Learn from expert speakers, share your experience and network with your peers. Topics covered:

  • Operational efficiencies
  • Increasing sales
  • Innovate continuously
  • Learn from experts
  • Share experience
  • Network with your peers