Developing an online learning programme for caregivers and healthcare assistants

MLogica is developing the online learning programme for caregivers for Age Care Technologies (ACT). ACT offers courses, assessments and analytics in matching the needs of older people. The courses build on 30 years of research and development, with 90 publications, based on its use and validation in 50 countries worldwide. More on (future) extensions of Age Care Technologies:

  • ACT is working closely with the Chinese Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics, with the Gerontological Society of America and with Care England to help raise awareness of ACT products in China, USA and the UK.
  • ACT is working in partnership with The Generation Keeper in the Netherlands with a combined training offer for use in the Netherlands. Marie-Louise Kok and aNewSpring are the digitisation and technology partners for the offer, which will help create consistency with our global offer.
  • ACT is working with Home Instead Senior Care Global Office in the USA to explore uptake of ACT training and partnership in developing training for the Company.
  • ACT is partnered with Mike Hodin, CEO of the Global Coalition on Aging, for communications with global businesses and policy-makers with interests in the silver economy. Mike is helping promote ACT products though these networks.
  • ACT is working with an international research and development network in 16 countries, who will have a research license to adapt and evaluate ACT products for use in their countries.
  • ACT has a continuing cycle of product improvement informed by research, customer feedback and demand for the creation of additional training. We will need to out in place systems for updating our Training.